by Geoff Mather

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Drifter 03:21
Like a paper plane upon the breeze I drift on through my life with graceful ease, Moving on, I simply coast, and leave behind the ones who love me most. Now I know, I'm gonna fall, will she catch me when I call? Blown by the wind, here and there I'll soon be gone, foul wind or fair, So delight me, I'll make you smile, Come and drift with me now, awhile. In a world of wonder he is free, The Drifter glides above the deep blue sea, Never sure what lies below, He'll drift whichever way the wind will blow, Never waits for anyone, Guess he'll be a lonely one...
Delamere 02:33
And now it's my time Time for me to make the change Come on Time to push back frontiers No time to delay Delaying tactics are all done No more excuses to hear Stand up Stand up be counted Live your life and make it count Give it all and make it count Stand up Stand up be counted There will be no second chance All of life is here
New Moon 03:59
Oh my love you are the day While I am the night Never was a love like ours In our own twilight What is love if you're not here How will I go on? You're the one I dream about The one I counted on New Moon, rise and set As if I could forget New Moon, wax and wane Will I see you again? Oh darling, I know you The passion's in your blood I would only hurt you, love I thought you understood In my mind you're always near Watching over me I must learn to live again With reality New Moon, rise and fall When will I hear your call? New Moon, time and tide I need you by my side
Be my Valentine Summer Valentine Anytime of year When you are here will do On a beach somewhere Or maybe nowhere I will dream of you I'm wishing you were mine Maybe sometime You'll be my Summer Valentine Be my Summer Valentine one day
Over and Over, Over and Over, Keep coming back to you You’ll always see me through the rain I’m home again Here with you, here with you Little by little, little by little, Finding the words to say, Taking the fears away Tonight It all feels right Here with you, here with you Over and Over, Over and Over, Back on my feet again Ready to face the pain My friend Right to the end Guess you’ll be There for me
Dancer 03:47
She was born a dancer, To bring joy to her daddy's eyes again She would always sing along Like she knew all the words to every song When I saw her play, I had to say Come on let's dance now, Round and round Til we fall, down to the ground We'll sing our own song - Of Let's Pretend.... We'll always be, so young and free Don't get older, baby I will always remember you this way You think I'm so strong, yet - With your tears, you could break My heart in two If you'd seen her play, you'd have to say Come on let's dance now….
My silver angel always told me so To believe in love But it's so hard to know Somehow I know we gotta do what's right Give away this dream Take a long lonely walk in the night The Stars are Mine But I'd rather have you The sky above me filled with diamond lights Seven Sisters smile And in the Moon delight That ribbon of light - that is a galaxy Is so bright, so far But tonight I would rather have you The Stars are Mine But I'd rather have you We've other worlds still to find And Heaven's call is on my mind Gotta have faith, gotta be true But all of my stars still shine for you.
The things you've been doing are a sign of a dangerous mind The things you've been doing are a sign of a dangerous mind You've been pacing your bedroom Selling your records Looking kind of strange And holding my love to ransom... And crying in your sleep Dangerous Mind I've been worried about things that you do I've been worried about things that you say I've been worried about things that you do I've been counting the hours you're away And when the back door opens I break out in a sweat Cos I know that I'm living In the presence of a dangerous mind Presence of a dangerous mind Dangerous Mind ....And you can't run away now You cannot escape me You can't hide away in that room Behind the mirror I'll be waiting when you come out Dangerous Mind
Looking Back 03:01
Everyday 02:45
All of my love, everyday Since you went away I waited for you Now you're here to stay I'm gonna give you All of my love, everyday Gonna give you all I've got to give you Gonna set my loving loose on you, girl Stay right by me Hold on to me


released May 17, 2013


all rights reserved



Geoff Mather Sandbach, UK

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